It seems that it is taking forever but there has been progress. Lots of internal systems e.g. fuel lines and tanks, wiring for lights, instrument systems, landing gear etc. Instrument panel is ready for labelling and then the start of installing switches.

Falco Update

Now installing the front fuel tank and prepping for the rear tank.  Hope to get both of them permanently installed in the next week or so.  Still a little fussing around before doing so.  Next big step is putting the final touches to the instrument panel design and layout then having it cut and bent to the appropriate shape.

In Sarasota, Florida now for a winter break.  Bob is working on the Falco while I am away.  The work in the past couple of months does not show as though there is any progress however it is the kind of work where one does not see the progress being made.  I am pleased that we have been able to overcome a few hurdles regarding items like the brake system and pitot system.I will be back at it on my return at the end of the month